In the Ocean I See a Box Jelly

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You, again,
             all shining dome
             dancing in the drink.

Sea wasp, my cocktail onion,
             my cotton ball,
             my ghost.

I’m sorry to keep you
             hungry. Once,
             you gave me

A map of the mind and
             undid each thread
             with your dangling nerves.

I woke today
             part cloud. Part drenched.
             Part my old self.

Like you, I am
             the chandelier drifting
             above an unsuspecting party.

Was it you I saw
             waiting? Pale
             under the water? A clover

Of roadways and corpuscles
             your fingers tinkling in
             time with the band?

after Allison Hutchcraft’s “You, Again”, Kenyon Review, Summer 2014